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Your company can derive substantial benefits by moving its production to an industrial park – from optimizing expenses to working in an environment that adapts to the needs of your business.

Well-developed industrial parks have a far broader social and economic significance. Not only do they encourage business and production development, but in the long run they have a beneficial influence on the local and regional community.


Firstly, certainly the creation of new jobs. Industrial parks attract investors, manufacturers, and also encourage the launch of new production activities, resulting in an exponential increase of employment. This can additionally make the local community a desirable place for educated and professional workforce.

Due to the favorable business atmosphere, local communities will be more inclined to develop their housing capacities within the industrial park. The development of new or existing settlements in the vicinity of the park has a direct socio-economic impact, because it provides:

  • – Support for 300 to 400 people
  • – Need for 75-100 homes
  • – 200 school-aged children
  • – Additional need for 6 teachers
  • – Encourage the purchase of about 100 cars
  • – Viability of at least 10 stores
  • – Support 10 professional occupations (dentists, doctors, lawyers)
  • – Purchase of goods produced on 1000ha area

A detailed report on the impact large industrial parks have on small communities can be found on the American Planning Association website.

In comparison to independent factory complexes, the specific organization of industrial parks makes it easier for manufacturers to implement measures to reduce pollution emissions. Therefore, the population is more inclined to settle near parks and their workplaces. Also, the positive attitude is influenced by industrial parks being more oriented towards green industries, alternative environmental solutions and the reduction of pollution. All these factors influence how the community perceives the industrial park concept.

Industrial parks are excellent catalysts for knowledge, give economic impetus and encourage development. They have become efficient production hubs for transforming companies into clusters. Clusters represent a gathering of companies from one industry that, with good interconnection and cooperation, generate excellent business results. Within such communities, employees invest more in their knowledge and skills, the exchange of knowledge and workflow is easier, technological progress is faster, and a better market presence is established.


As centers of industrial and manufacturing development, industrial parks are becoming more digitized. Digitalization includes transformation of the IT sector as part of the fourth industrial revolution (automation, data exchange, Internet of Things, cloud systems). Technological innovations are becoming an indispensable part of the parks, large data systems are being applied and “smart” production is being developed. By introducing technologies into the work system, organization and provision of services, industrial parks encourage the development of the IT industry, attract young people and create a favorable environment for starting new businesses in the field of information technology.

Attracting investment to less developed regions is another important impact of industrial parks on communities. Strategic position of industrial parks can have a very broad economic impact on the development of areas that until then did not have sufficient incentives and resources for development.

Benefits of moving production to an industrial park has direct and indirect impact on the work processes, communities and technology. The security brought by economic strengthening and higher purchasing power creates a stimulating environment in which the need for new products, business and cultural activities exceeds basic human needs.


The main reason for moving businesses to industrial parks are great opportunities for production development. A favorable environment and circumstances adapted to the needs of production very quickly bring concrete results to businesses, but that is not all. As we have shown, the impact of industrial parks is far greater than that provided by its tenants.

Precisely, this wide socio-economic influence in Serbia is one of the best references for the industrial park POBEDA located in Petrovaradin. It is a small community, only 3 kilometers from the center of Novi Sad and the proximity of a highly qualified workforce. POBEDA will allow you to quickly and easily, with the aid of a modern platform, start production in Serbia and contribute to the country’s development.